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What did the client need?
Q-nomy needed a product that helped to share best practice and information about the company to its resellers, sales material for events and conferences and case studies.
What did we propose?
A quarterly international business newsletter, including case studies and latest industry news, plus a printed flyer to use as a sales tool.

How did it work?
We researched and wrote material that provided a valuable source of news for the partner community, with interactive links to a dedicated portal. We also designed and created the content for the sales flyer to match Q-nomy’s corporate identity.
What was the end result?
Q-nomy was provided with an effective and informative resource to ensure best practice among staff, and a flyer to attract new business.

Qnomy Brochure
Qnomy Newsletter
Qnomy Newsletter
Qnomy Newsletter
Qnomy Brochure

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